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D Scott Trettenero has translated the important, yet complex work of philosophers, psychologists, scientists, and other pioneers in this field into an easy-to-understand format with ideas that can be applied to everyday life. He has taken the essential aspects of their work, simplified it, and has created a new matrix that connects the dots to better explain how and why people do what they do.
Master the Mystery of Human Nature helps you learn about yourself, others, and how the world works because of our differences. Conflicts will take on an entirely new meaning; things that used to be a mystery, will make sense. It will help you experience a sense of calm and freedom once you see the beauty and wonder of how our human nature reflects the balance of power in Nature and the ways that duality shapes our every experience on this earth.

     "This is a deeply thoughtful and carefully written book. It        provides an usually practical set of tools for understanding self  and evaluating others. Thank you Scott Trettenero for writing a                                 book everyone needs to read."


                                                    -Robert E Quinn, PhD

                        Margaret Elliot Tracy Collegiate Professor in Business,                                                             Ross School of Business, University of Michigan,                                                                                  Author of Deep Change


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