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The Absurdity Of Our Political System

Blog # 9

The Absurdity of Our Political System

The Competing Values Framework model shows us that in order to be effective and successful, any business or enterprise has to juggle opposite and conflicting values simultaneously. In my book, Master the Mystery of Human Nature: Resolving the Conflict of Opposing Values, it is demonstrated how the world is defined by competing values.

Our seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter help us to understand how life flows successfully as each season is conflicting in their roles, but complementary as a whole. Each of them has their important roles in the overall workings of our yearly cycles.

All of us probably have their favorite season but we would see the futility in trying to convince everyone else to feel the same way. It would be ridiculous to form groups supporting one of the seasons and fight the opposing groups who supported a different season. We all understand the importance of each season in the grand scheme of things and can see how life works because of the competing seasons.

We are dependent upon our seasons being competing, opposing and complementary in their values. Life can exist only when everything works as it does.

If we could begin to see how other people can see life from a different perspective, and that their perspectives are probably just as valid as yours, then maybe we could also see that working together might give us the best results.

What if we applied this knowledge to our relationships, our business life, or even our politics? Politics and the two party system represents some of our most important and emotional opposing viewpoints of our society. Haven't you noticed how winners and losers in national political elections are separated by only a few mere percentage points?

This is highly illustrative of the equal, yet opposing values that are present within our population. We need to understand that these opposing values will never go away and for a very good reason. They are a part of the whole just as our side is just a part of the whole. Each side represents an equal, yet opposing aspect of the duality nature we have here in the world.

Why fight it? It is a huge mistake and an enormous waste of time and energy. Instead, we could be solving our problems with the synergy of the opposites in fruitful harmony. Our political system is being used to divide our nation. Choosing sides and then fighting about who is right and wrong might seem the only way to get our way, but is getting our way the best way?

Our political system is absurd and we have to change our mindset first and foremost. Unity has to become our mantra. Enough is enough!

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