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Presidential Elections, Temperaments And Leadership

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Presidential Elections, Temperaments and Leadership

This is a fascinating subject that is helps to illustrate how temperaments affect human interaction at all levels. As we have learned from Master the Mystery of Human Nature, the different temperaments are drawn to jobs and professions that fit their strengths. Politicians are an interesting bunch to study. Most, if not all politicians are thinkers as they are mostly lawyers who tend to be thinkers. In most cases they are drivers.

Republican candidates relate well to the thinkers as they are one of them. Democratic leaders, if they are thinkers are not being true to their natures as they try and espouse feeler's values to win votes.

It has been shown that there are certain characteristics of temperaments that make them more electable. The presidents who have flexibility built into their temperaments (impulsives) are more likely to be elected than someone who is authoritarian because they have characteristics that are appealing to both thinkers and feelers.

Trump's temperament is clearly an ENTJ (field marshal). Feelers will absolutely hate his style as it comes off as unfeeling and uncaring. Hillary is a whole different study but she is clearly not a feeler but tries to act like one. Bernie, the socialist, is more likely to be a feeler, probably an amiable type. That would make sense as amiable's philosophy has been defined by Rousseau, who has been labeled by some the father of socialism.

In my humble opinion, a president or any effective leader, has to learn, own, and project the opposing values in order to not alienate the other side. The more entrenched you are into your core temperament, the more predictably you will piss off an equal number of people than the people you please.

A leader needs to be creating unity, not divisions. Our political parties are so divisive right now, more than I've ever seen it. The candidates are not likeable and are so divisive as to guarantee the opposing side hates them. People will be voting against the other candidate as to voting for their candidate. Anyone but Trump! Or, anyone but Hillary!

The story here I believe, is that our political parties have no concept of solving problems with compromise or intentions of creative problem solving by the parties coming together. The election campaigns are built around further discrediting their opponents and creating hate for them rather than offering solutions that might be agreeable to both sides.

This represents how our egos work explicitly. The "I'm right and you are wrong" way of handling conflicts never ends in a peaceful and mutually satisfying manner. As long as most people are run by their egos, our political system will remain entrenched. The people have to change in order for our political system to change and work. Our political system is really insane if you think about it.

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